Are all of your products made with pure essential oils?

About 90% of what we make are made with pure essential oils. The other 10% of what we make is made with fragrance oils. We try to stay as natural as possible. When looking for products that are made with essential oils please take a look at the ingredients listed under each product. The ingredient lists will tell you if there is a fragrance oil in the product or if it's just essential oil based.

Do you make any soaps with shapes?

We do not make any soaps with shapes. Molds that have a specific shape to it are better for the melt and pour method of soap. We use a cold process method. We would like for our soaps to feel and look as raw and natural as possible.

Do you take custom scent orders?

Yes! We can take a custom scent order with a 50% non-refundable deposit. The deposit will count towards your overall cost. You must purchase the entire custom scent order.

Do you test your products on animals?

No! We LOVE animals! We do not test ANY of our products on animals. We also do not test our ingredients on animals. We are vegan/cruelty-free!

Will you be making holiday scents?


What base do you use to make your soap?

We use 3 oils to make all of our soaps with: Coconut Oil Olive Oil Sunflower Oil We chose these 3 oils to help reduce skin irritation issues. These oils are not as harsh on the skin as other oils and ingredients.

Do you make goats milk soap?

No. We do not have anything against goats milk. However, we have decided to not use any animal products in our soaps other soaps. This is in exception to the occasional honey we use at times.

Do you make and sell cosmetics?

Usually when someone see's the work "cosmetics" they think "make-up". Cosmetics are actually anything that is applied to the skin, or something that is said to "change the appearance" of someones skin. We do sell some products that would technically fall under this category. However, we would like to start making and selling other products that are more of what we would think of a cosmetic. Hopefully in the near future this will happen.