Body Wash or Soap??

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

A few weeks ago on #Instagram and #Facebook we took a poll asking if you prefer using body wash over a bar of soap, and why. We received a lot of great responses!

The results were around 50% one way and 50% the other. I was surprised to see the ratio at 50-50!

So now I ask the question...are the bottles that your body wash come in recyclable? 

#Recycling is a great way to safely dispose of plastic.

So my advice is if you’re going to use body wash, please rinse and #recycle your bottles!

Did you know that over 100 million #marine animals are killed every single year due to the amount of plastic #debris that is in the ocean? According to it’s estimated that there are 100 million tons of plastic in the oceans around the world. Just think for a second, this year isn’t even over yet... that number can and will go up! However, we CAN help to change this by doing one of the simplest tasks: recycling! 

But wait one second...what if you NEVER had to recycle your body wash bottle?? Being able to recycle is amazing, but never having to do it in the first place is even better! So why not switch from using body wash to a bar of #soap???

Some of the responses we received from the poll were:

“Some bars of soaps make my skin dry out.”

“Body wash feels smooth and silky”

“Body wash smells better”

“Body wash lathers up better”

So first of all, if SOME bars of soap make your skin dry out, then you’re not using the right one! 

I’m a little confused by the 2nd response. Does the body wash itself feel smooth and silky? Or does it leave your skin feeling #smooth and #silky? Eh. Either way, you’re still not using or haven’t tried too many bars of soap to determine if they will leave your skin feeling the same way.

“Body wash smells better.” HAVE to try the right bar of soap! Pick them up and smell them! Take one home and use it!

The last lathers up better. So I will admit, I have gone through a handful of soaps in my life, some #lather up just as nicely as body wash, others not so much.

When we first started this company, we read a TON of information about making soap. We learned that certain oils lather better than others.

We use 3 oils to form the base of our soaps. #Coconut Oil, #Olive Oil, and #Sunflower Oil. According to many sources, including, coconut oil has an abundant amount of lather with very large bubbles, sunflower oil has a medium lather, and olive oil has a lower amount of lather. Our bars definitely do lather up very nicely and make your skin feel so soft, leaving very low or no soap residue at all.

One comment stuck out at me like a ray of sunshine! Someone commented and said, “Body wash is wasteful. It takes much more water to lather and rinse off than a bar of soap.” This is so very true! If you put a dime size amount of body wash or shower gel in the palm of your hand and add literally two drops of water you will receive hardly a lather, more like a watery body wash. If you take a bar of soap and two drops of water, you will get at least a little lather.

If the simple fact that a bar of soap is the greener choice isn’t good enough for you to try a bar over a bottle then just think about what is in your body wash! It’s ridiculous the amount of #chemicals, #parabens, and #preservatives that is in body wash. I also can’t believe that the majority of body wash is usually #petroleum-based!

Make the change today with the right bar of soap!

Try one of our all #natural bars of soap today and receive a luscious moisturizing lather that smells good!


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